Pin Chin Kwok
Lumen Lab健康创新主管

Pin is focused on driving health innovations at Lumen Lab. She does that through rigor from 10 years spent in MNCs and imagination from 5 years spent with social impact organizations. As part of this role, Pin takes a holistic, strategic view of health conditions, and leverages design thinking and lean startup principles to develop and pilot solutions and business models on the ground. Pin joined MetLife from the medical device leader, Medtronic, where she spent 3.5 years in the Business Model Innovation team. She conceptualized, developed and piloted outcomes-based solutions, helping evolve Medtronic into more of a holistic healthcare services and solutions player in Asia-Pacific. Prior to Medtronic, Pin was humbled and inspired by innovations by social entrepreneurs. She helped found a start-up, BoP Hub, to scale innovations in Base of the Pyramid markets in Asia. Pin began her career in Citigroup. Pin holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. She also has an undergraduate bachelor’s of science degree from NYU in Finance and Operations Research.

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